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Important Shark Regulations


Many questionable issues have been addressed regarding the legality of landing and keeping certain sharks.

The inshore Coastal shark fishery is inclusive of
Finetooth, Atlantic sharpnose & bonnethead

The confusion seems to in the identification of the Finetooth Shark.

Based on conversations with VMRC and NOAA, the following is the safest rule of thumb to adhere to when keeping a shark:

1. If the shark has a ridge (a definite standing crease) between the first and second dorsal fins (fins on top of body), you must release it. It is illegal to possess. 
2. Color should not be a factor. Finetooth usually are gray/bluish and have a pointed nose similar to a small mako. However, the sandbar shark is very similar to the Finetooth in color and shape of nose. The sandbar is on the prohibited list to keep. The defining identification between these two sharks is the ridge on the top. Finetooth no ridge, sandbar has a ridge. 
3. Sandbar must be min of 54” whereas in VA waters (inside three mile limit), the state of VA has no minimum size for the Finetooth HOWEVER federal regs do have a minimum. 
4. Know your sharks. If in doubt, throw it out. 
5. Last according to Federal/NOAA guidelines you must possess a HMS permit in order to fish sharks. This can be obtained on the NOAA, National Marine Fisheries website. The cost is under $25.00. This includes offshore Pelagic species as well as inshore Coastal.

It seems there is much contradiction between the States & federal guidelines, and basically everyone has one primary goal - to conserve and protect - the fishery AND the angler. Based upon conversations with local VMRC authorities there have already been fines issued for landing sharks that are listed on the Prohibited to Keep list.Therefore all anglers better be knowledgeable and have their permits prior to fishing the shark fishery. The fines are astronomical-some as high as $10,000.00. Again, the State of Virginia does not require the HMS permit inside the three mile limit, however, NOAA/National Marine Fisheries does. The ultimate question which agency overrules? To be safe put out that $25.00 and get your HMS permit.

Lastly, due to all the controversy, Capt. Bob’s Marina Will not have a September Finetooth Boat Shark Tournament. However, we will still have the August tournament occurring this weekend Aug. 17, 18 & 19.



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